Kelly Elizabeth Moe-Rossetto travels far and wide to develop her making skills and to understand the tradition behind the folk art that captures her interest – and hopefully yours! From Sweden to India, she explores the world and meets with local artisans to learn from their processes and techniques. Her current focus at Cardamom Collective is block printing on handmade textiles and ikat weaving rooted in traditional Indian methods. Kelly blends making and designing prints and textiles herself with offering the artisans she works with a new way to sell their goods through her store.

Faire visitors will have the chance to try two hands-on activities with Kelly. She is bringing mini looms that visitors can use to experiment with ikat weaving. Kelly hopes that you will find this ancient technique as fascinating as she does. In addition to weaving, visitors will also have a chance to try block printing using same wooden blocks and patterns that Cardamom Collective uses for the scarves sold in their shop (Cardamom Collective textiles will also be available for purchase at the faire). She is confident that these interactive experiences will engage and interest faire visitors outside the “fiber geek” community to get excited about textiles and the process behind the work.

“It’s okay to try things and not be very good at it. Just spend a day trying something new to see what you learn.” As a lifelong artist who isn’t afraid to dabble in new creative methods, Kelly lives the maker ethos of trying new things and she encourages everyone to try the things that interest them. She is practicing this suggestion by learning to carve wooden spoons. While she loves the process and even the result, she’s not an expert or fast carver yet. Maybe she will be ready to share her spoons at the 2017 faire! When you stop by Kelly’s table at the faire, you will be inspired by her artistry as well as her curiosity and enthusiasm.

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