Jane Copes’ first creation was a mixture of soap, Wheaties, and a few other under-the-sink items. She was only 2, and life has been a continuous series of experiments ever since. Jane’s childhood experiments included disassembling the TV for parts, building a tree house and generally following her curiosity. Today, she runs Science Outside the Box to help kids and adults have a memorable and often messy experience with science and creativity during teacher workshops, birthday parties and public classes. Jane continues to make a little bit of a lot of different things when she is not helping others do the same. Her diverse creative interests range from making food like jam and hot dishes to making tangible creations including mechanical toys and tiny books.

As a lifelong maker, Jane is excited to see the creations, ideas and activities that makers from around the region bring to the faire. And she hopes that visitors learn the most important lesson of making which isn’t anything sophisticated about electronics or even crafting. It’s that making mistakes is part of the process. Jane says, “An experiment that doesn’t go the way I expect tells me so much more about the world than 50 predicted results.” Just think about what you might learn at the faire if you try your hand at something new!

At the Minneapolis/St. Paul Mini Maker Faire, visitors who stop by Jane’s booth will have the chance to make tiny books of their own – cutting, folding and sewing to create a memento of the faire and a place to capture thoughts, small and grand. Discover the fun of book making on a small scale. These tiny books can be simple or complex with hidden pages, accordion folds and more.

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