Student Showcase is an exciting new addition to the 2017 Minneapolis/St. Paul Mini Maker Faire. Student Showcase will feature the work of young makers of from across the region. This is a fantastic opportunity for youth to share their projects and learning with the maker community.

Young makers are naturally inclined to tinker, explore, and invent. Today’s young makers are growing up in a world where their ideas can be brought to life through 3D printing, laser cutting, coding, and repurposing materials. Their ideas and inspiration are not only fueled by the immediate people in their lives, but by people from all over the world. Rather than learn with a mentor in a class during set time frame, today’s youth have access to information 24/7. Many youth today use online community platforms such as Twitter and YouTube to connect with others who share their interests and to learn new skills.

Many schools and organizations use project-based learning as way to support a young person’s natural inclinations to learn. This style of learning also challenges students to think creatively, engage in problem solving, learn new skills, and apply knowledge to a concrete example. In some cases, students may all work on a project with set parameters such as designing, building, and launching a rocket following a specific procedure but still with the opportunity for customization.  Other projects may have broad parameters such as designing and building a device to retrieve a historical artifact from a riverbed or lake bottom. Still others may be completely open-ended where students are able to design, build, and test a project of their own choosing with mentors available to guide problem solving as needed throughout the process.

The Student Showcase was created to as a means to celebrate the work of young makers from across the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul metro region, whether it be a self-guided project, or a school or club project.

Learn more about Student Showcase.

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