Paige Dansinger

photo credit: Jeffrey Fortson Photography

Pop culture, art history, mobile technology and social media join forces in the interactive digital art that Paige Dansinger creates. She is bringing some serious art credentials with her to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Mini Maker Faire. Her digital work was included in the “Gutai Card Box” in the exhibit Gutai: Splendid Playground at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. She has also done special projects with the Digital Media Lab at the Met Museum and was a guest artist at Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian National Design Museum. She owns a local art gallery in downtown Minneapolis called #GalleryPaige, for Women in New Media Arts.

Paige isn’t shy about forging her own path and creating the tools that she needs to create her art. She has reanimated more than 2,000 works for art using a self-designed iPad program and other technology. During the faire, visitors will have the chance to create digital art with Paige using their mobile phones and simple drawing apps.

Paige found confidence in her ability to solve creative problems and listen to her artistic voice at an early age. She felt happiest in museums as a young girl, taking art classes where she even stretched her own canvasses to paint on.

She continues to develop her artistic portfolio and range of materials and is excited to be working on a large scale (huge might be a more accurate word – 25 feet!) painting of cherry blossoms that includes LED bees which light up in response to motion sensors. When she’s not working on that, you can find her on social media engaging with her community to create participatory art.

Let Paige’s passion inspire you at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Mini Maker Faire! Her enthusiasm is contagious.

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