Student Showcase FAQ

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Who can apply to Student Showcase?

Student Showcase is open to any school-age students (ages 5-18). Students who apply to the showcase should be comfortable with presenting their project to Faire visitors from their booth on their own.

What types of projects will be accepted into the Student Showcase?

Projects submitted to the Student Showcase should reflect the work of the student or students presenting the project. Maker Faire is about celebrating the learning and creating process more so than having a project that works seamlessly or is meticulously polished.

Both individual and group projects will be accepted into the showcase. Students may submit a project that was completely self-driven and self-inspired, or may also submit projects that were created under the guidance of a mentor. School projects and projects completed with other organizations such as 4-H or Scouts are also eligible for Student Showcase.

How is exhibiting as a student different from exhibiting as a general maker?

Student Showcase exhibitors will only be required to show their project at a booth for one 45- to 60-minute time slot. Student projects will remain on display in the Student Showcase area under the supervision of the Mini Maker Faire staff while the student is still in attendance at the Faire but not exhibiting at his/her booth.

Why should I apply to the Student Showcase?

The Student Showcase is an opportunity for young makers to share their work with others in the Maker community and with an authentic audience in an informal setting. Like Maker Faire, Student Showcase is designed to celebrate innovation and creativity among the next generation of Makers.

In addition, Student Showcase exhibitors will receive free admission to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Mini Maker Faire for themselves and an accompanying chaperone.

How do I apply to Student Showcase?

Applications for Student Showcase can be submitted through the Minneapolis/St. Paul Mini Maker Faire website at

Is there a Student Showcase on Education Day?

Education Day is an invite-only event, and as such, Student Showcase on Education Day is only open to students who are attending Education Day with their school. If you are a student attending Education Day with your school who is also interested in exhibiting as part of Friday’s Student Showcase, please check with your teacher for application materials.